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Orange County, California, Child and Spousal Support Lawyers

Issues of child support and alimony tend to be hotly contested matters in a divorce. Rarely do the two parties agree upon what constitutes a fair financial settlement. There are various laws that govern the awarding of both temporary and permanent support. Rosen & Rosen, LLP, is well-versed in presenting favorable evidence to the judge who will usually take into account additional factors when making a final decision. Backed by years of obtaining favorable outcomes, our firm can help you understand the complex alimony and child support laws, and ensure that your financial rights and that of your children are protected.

Child Support

Child support is monthly payments given to the custodial parent by the non-custodial parent. While there is a set formula for child support in California, there are a number of factors which can influence the amount, including both parents' income, percentage of custody, family lifestyle and the actual financial needs of the children. Our firm can accurately assess your family's finances and income, as well as your or your spouse's ability to pay child support. Our lawyers are skilled in using the law to support your position.

Even after the final divorce order, there are opportunities to modify the child support decision when one parent has a significant change in circumstances, such as the loss of a job. Our firm can help assess your specific circumstances and advise on how to obtain or defend against child support modifications.

Spousal Support (Alimony)

Spousal support can be awarded to one spouse during a divorce in order to provide a fair standard of living between the two parties. Typically, the higher wage earning spouse will make support payments to the lower wage earning spouse, provided he or she has the means. In Orange County, California, temporary spousal support is often computer generated. As to permanent support, the judge may use broad discretion in determining the spousal maintenance award, if any, and the amount.

Using the factors set forth in Family Code §4320, the courts will consider a variety of factors when considering spousal support such as:

  • Length of marriage
  • Income of both spouses
  • Ability to earn income in the future
  • Education level
  • Family lifestyle
  • Other aspects of the divorce settlement

Yorba Linda Alimony Attorneys

To learn more about the laws surrounding child and spousal support, contact Rosen & Rosen, LLP, and speak with one of our knowledgeable Orange, California, child support attorneys.

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