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Are you having to raise your own grandchildren?

One of the delights of being a grandparent is being able to nurture and develop a special relationship with your grandchildren. You look forward to opportunities to introduce them to family memories and fun activities you shared with your own children when they were young. You delight in spoiling them when they are with you.

But, for the over 300,000 grandparents in California who are rearing their grandchildren, that is not your reality. Instead, those 65 and older who have taken on this responsibility find their so-called "golden years" are occupied with things like diaper changes and PTA meetings.

Fight for the child support your kids need

If you and your ex had a particularly acrimonious bust-up, you may be tempted to let them off the hook on paying child support simply to get them out of your and your children's lives.

But that would be an unfortunate mistake. For one, your children deserve the best life possible. Financial assistance via child support can enhance their standard of living and provide them with opportunities like private schools and music lessons.

Do you or your spouse have these jobs? Divorce may be ahead

Marriages can be a delicate balance of perseverance and compromise. Many different factors can contribute to the demise of a marriage. But for some spouses, their occupations could be the straw that breaks the back of their domestic bliss.

Below are the top five occupations most likely to lead to divorce court.

Can my business survive my divorce?

Divorce has a lot of adverse effects, and most affect your personal life. But if you are the owner of a business, it could also have a deleterious effect on your company.

If you want to avoid just that, below are some ways you can protect your company and yourself in the event of divorce.

Know when it's time to modify your custody order

If you divorced when your kids were very young, as they grow up, you may discover that the custody order needs to be adjusted to continue to meet their changing needs. These changes typically are made without too mush of a fuss from the parents or kids.

But there are other reasons for modifying a custody order that might cause some squawking. Here's how that might play out.

Keep your child's best interests foremost in divorce

As family law attorneys, we have certainly seen some down and dirty custody battles emerge. But we always caution our clients to avoid rolling around in the mud with their exes over the divorce. These attempts to smear your ex can often wind up getting you just as dirty.

But there are other reasons, too, for rising above your marital issues and taking the high road in your divorce. The No. 1 reason is that particularly acrimonious divorces are much harder on the children.

Has your divorce given you the blues?

There is no doubt about it — divorce can be a very wrenching, emotional experience for the parties involved. The same is true even if you were the spouse who initiated the divorce action in the first place.

Especially around the holidays, divorcing spouses may get a serious case of the blues. If your ex is already dating or has gotten involved in a new relationship, that can make it even harder to accept the status quo of your newly single life. You may not be able to imagine that you will ever again re-couple or even get used to your life as a divorced person.

We can help you with your child support obligation

So, you've just been served with an order to pay child support. This may have been an expected action resulting from a divorce between you and your spouse. But it also may have come like a bolt out of the blue, with this being the first notification that you have ever gotten that you fathered a child.

If the circumstances are the latter rather than the former, you are probably still trying to wrap your head around the fact that you have a child out there of which you were unaware.

Get the most out of your split with your ex

Sometimes, people seek divorces because they can no longer stand to remain together with their spouse. Other times, a spouse has a divorce forced upon them when they are still very much in love with their wife or husband.

If you are a spouse in the latter group, it may indeed seem as if your world has come crashing down around your feet. That's understandable, but you still have to act rationally in your own best interests.

Parents, pursue child support for your kids

You're ready to divorce your child's other parent — or perhaps you never married them in the first place. You may be so happy to see the door closing behind them that you are ready to agree not to seek child support from them.

Please reconsider this decision, moms and dads. Yes, it can be incredibly frustrating dealing with exes when you can no longer stand the sight of them. However, if the two of you share a child, this decision has an impact on your child.

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