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Can I get my child support modified?

Parents who both pay and receive child support may experience life circumstances that may cause them to question the viability of changing the amount of the child support order.

Here in California, as elsewhere, the parent requesting the modification must be able to demonstrate to the family law court that they have experienced a significant change in circumstances since the court issued the current support order.

Tips to get through the holidays during a divorce

If this is your first holiday season as a separated or divorced parent, you may be dreading the festivities. That is understandable, but parents must still remain responsive to their children's needs even at difficult times.

Below are some tips to employ if your holidays seem less than jolly.

Take steps to get your child back after a parental abduction

When a noncustodial parent is on the run with their child, it's a scary time for the custodial parent. While most cases are resolved without violence, there have been too many high-profile cases where the deranged parent chose to end their child's life rather than return them to their ex.

In most situations, you will want to notify law enforcement immediately upon learning that your child will not be returned to your custody. If there is no custody order in place, it can be more challenging for the police to get involved because it's assumed that both parents have equal rights to their child. "That's a civil matter," is a common response.

Could you become a divorce statistic?

There are fewer divorcing couples in the United States now than in past decades. More importantly, California residents may be surprised to learn that the state has some of the lowest divorce rates in the country.

Still, divorces do occur. It may be helpful to learn which factors influence the divorce rate.

Misconceptions about child support

Some Orange County parents have misconceptions about child support, both paying and receiving it. But whether you're the one writing or cashing the checks, it's beneficial to fully understand your rights under the law.

Below are some common myths surrounding child support payments.

Using technology to catch a cheating spouse

It used to be that when you suspected your spouse of cheating, you had to fork over a lot of money to hire a private detective to get the goods on the cheater. However, with today's technologies, the ability to bust a spouse who's stepping out of the marriage is literally at your fingertips.

Both iPhones and Androids have spy apps capable of tracking a person's every move, both online and in real life. It's also possible to install spy cameras so small that they can be concealed almost anywhere.

When your summer vacation leads to a divorce

If you and your spouse returned from vacation last month contemplating divorce, you're in good company. As it turns out, divorce tends to be cyclical and peaks in March and August.

Researchers at the University of Washington (UW) studied divorce patterns and discovered that seasonal rituals tend to trigger splits between spouses. Let's examine why August is one of those triggering times.

When older kids want to choose where they live after divorce

Divorce is rough on kids of all ages. It's especially hard when parents are engaged in contentious or protracted custody fights.

Most California family law judges view joint custody as the optimal choice. However, the constant reshuffling between their parents' homes can wear children down.

Jolie-Pitt divorce takes unusual legal turn

If there is one commonality among celebrity divorces, it's that most are settled privately between the spouses and their legal counsels of record. However, the ongoing saga between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie appears to be bucking this trend.

People magazine reports on an unusual occurrence in the high-profile couple's divorce — with Jolie making public claims that Pitt has failed to make "meaningful'' child support payments for the six kids the actors share.

Can I take my co-parent back to court for more child support?

Although it's still summer, it's not too soon to begin planning for when the kids return to school in September. For some Orange County parents, the beginning of the school year is a time when they have to spend a lot of extra money on the kids.

There are school clothes and supplies that must be bought, school fees (and for some, tuition costs), activity fees and the high costs of sporting and other athletic activities in which the kids may be participating. If your child wants to be in the band, you may also have to buy or rent an instrument.

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