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Olympian and baby’s mother battle over child custody

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2013 | Child Custody

If you’re from California, you might have heard about this child custody case between an Olympian and his child’s mother. This child custody case is a little unusual, because the mother moved to New York to seek an education while she was pregnant, but the case itself was first tried in California, where she had lived when she got pregnant with Olympian, Bode Miller.

According to the news, the woman has regained temporary custody of her 9-month-old son while the two wait for the court hearing in December. The two had one brief proceeding in a Manhattan Family Court, because it was recently ruled that the custody dispute should have been decided in New York, not in California. The appeals court saw no reason to think that the woman had moved in a reprehensible manner, like a previous judge had ruled.

Now, the two will have the hearing before a judge in New York, who will determine the permanent custody of the boy. Oddly, the parents haven’t even been able to settle on their son’s name. He is allegedly called Sam by his mother and Nate by his father. According to the mother, she says she met Miller through an online dating service and only became pregnant because of a brief affair. She claims that he originally wanted her to get an abortion, although he has filed for custody since the mother regained temporary physical custody.

This is a complicated case, and yours could be too. With some help from a qualified attorney or lawyer, you might be able to settle on a custody or visitation schedule that works for you and your ex-partner. Looking into all your options is the best way to help you work toward a solution that is good for you and your child.

Source: New York Daily News, “Olympic skier Bode Miller to appear in Manhattan court over custody battle with former lover” Barbara Ross and Dareh Gregorian, Nov. 25, 2013

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