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Neil Young to get divorced in California

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2014 | Divorce

Neil Young, an icon in the music industry, has been married to his wife, Pegi, for around 36 years. In fact, many of the songs that his fans are familiar with — tunes like “Unknown Legend” and “Such a Woman” — are said to have been inspired by Pegi. The couple has worked together on projects and contributed quite a lot to the music scene.

The two became an item when Pegi was working waiting tables at a local restaurant. That establishment just happened to be close to the ranch where Young lived, and the two met as a result. This led not only to their marriage and the birth of a son named Ben, but also to Pegi’s singing on some of Neil’s records in a backup capacity. She has also done her own solo albums, as well.

Despite this long history together that has made them almost legendary to their fans, the two have now decided to call it quits. Reports show that they are going to get a divorce. The couple lives in San Mateo County, California, and some of the documents that are open to the public have confirmed the divorce. It was also reported in Rolling Stone.

The initial divorce hearing has already been scheduled. If all goes as planned, it will take place on the 12th of December.

While celebrity divorces may be in the public eye more than most, it is important for people who are going through this process to know what to expect along the way and what rights they have as they work out all of the details with their spouses.

Source: The Washington Post, “Names & Faces: Neil Young, Pegi Young, Jessica Alba and Chris Soules” Winyan Soo Hoo, Aug. 27, 2014

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