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What is the California State Disbursement Unit?

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2014 | Child Support

When it comes to paying or receiving child support in the state of California, there is a lot that you need to know. If everything works out as planned, and both parties live up to their end of the court agreement, there is not likely to be any issues. Unfortunately, there are times when this does not happen.

The California State Disbursement Unit is staffed with the responsibility of collecting and processing all child support payments. This is in stark contrast to the system that was previously in place in which payments were collected and processed by local child support agencies.

Those who owe or are collecting child support are able to do many things through the California State Disbursement Unit, including apply for services, check on your account and obtain basic information and forms.

Furthermore, those who are owed child support can use the online system to setup payment options, such as direct deposit. This allows for disbursements to be directly deposited into a bank account.

Even though the California State Disbursement Unit does its part in keeping things organized throughout the state regarding those who owe and receive child support, there are times when people do not listen to the law and do whatever they feel is best for them.

The California State Disbursement Unit is available to help people understand their rights and the laws that govern child support. Even then, there are times when situations can become complicated. When this happens, a person may feel that it is best to consult with an attorney regarding his or her rights as a California resident.

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