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Marriage mistakes that can contribute to divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2014 | Divorce

As one of our California readers, if you are considering divorce there is a good chance that you and/or your spouse has made some major relationship mistakes in the past. While some couples have what it takes to get past these, others do not. For this reason, they begin to look into the divorce process, including how to move forward and what it will mean to them now and in the future.

There are many marriage mistakes that can lead to divorce, with the Huffington Post pointing out five of the most common:

— Cheating

— Dishonesty

— Addiction

— Changes in priorities

— Abuse

When a couple decides to get married, they hope that the relationship lasts forever. When things begin to change and people make mistakes, however, this dream often comes to an end. It is at that point that both people have to decide what is best for them.

No two marriages and relationships are exactly the same, but some of the mistakes that lead to divorce are extremely common. When something major happens and one or both people believe the relationship is in danger, the end result may be a split or divorce.

Divorce, just the same as marriage, is a personal process that touches both parties in many ways. Divorce is typically a stressful process that takes it toll at various levels — emotional, psychological, even physical — on the individual, while marriage tends to feel like the beginning of a happy journey forward together.

In the event that individuals feel their only option is divorce, they will begin to learn more about taking action. This may lead them to speak with a family law attorney.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Divorce Causes: 5 Marriage Mistakes That Lead To Divorce” Kim Oliver,, Nov. 11, 2014

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