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Parental relocation can cause child custody disputes

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2015 | Child Custody

When a marriage comes to an end, both parties have decided to move on from one another. If no children are involved, it is easier for both individuals to part ways once and for all. Conversely, if the couple has at least one child, things are much more complex.

It is not uncommon for divorcing couples to face challenges in regards to child custody and visitation. This is even more so the case if one parent decides to relocate to a different part of the state or country.

For example, the parent who is moving may decide to seek primary physical custody. In other cases, the parent who is moving may be okay with a non-custodial role; however, he or she wants to ensure that the visitation schedule remains as fair as possible.

After a divorce, there is always the chance that one parent will decide to move. Making this change while also protecting the relationship with your child or children can be difficult. Not only can parental relocation lead to issues regarding custody and visitation, but some soon find that his or her former partner is not happy with the decision.

There is a lot to think about during divorce, including the possibility of parental relocation. Your goal is to continue spending meaningful time with your child in the future, regardless of where you or your former partner are living.

Knowing that this could be a problem sometime after divorce will allow you to best plan for the challenges that may arise. Being prepared can make things much easier on you and your child.

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