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Does online dating end in divorce more often?

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2015 | Divorce

Online dating grows more and more popular each year, especially when taking into account people who meet on social media sites and other websites that, while not specifically designed for dating, can still help people make connections. However, are these relationships stable, or are they just going to lead to divorce in California?

Though other studies have claimed the exact opposite, studies done at Standford University and Michigan State University say that these online couples are less likely to get married and more likely to get divorced than couples who meet offline.

For one thing, the relationships are 28 percent more likely to fall apart in just 12 months if they start online. Some experts have said that online dating itself may be to blame, as those who find their partners online might not feel the same drive and desire to tie the knot. This could potentially be because they feel like they can just get back online and find someone else if they need to, so there is less desire to settle down and make things permanent.

This could trickle over into marriages, as well. Online couples were three times as likely to seek out a divorce as those meeting offline, in some face-to-face setting.

One of the biggest issues could also be trust. A full 86 percent of those asked said they were nervous about being given lies and false information online, so it was harder to trust the people they met.

Whether or not you met your spouse online, if you are heading toward a divorce, it’s crucial to look into all of the legal steps and obligations well in advance.

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