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It’s Child Support Awareness Month in August

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2016 | Child Support

When you need to collect child support, who do you turn to? How can you make sure that payments are made, and if they aren’t being made, how can you make sure that someone enforces your court order? Normally, you’ll turn to the state or local Department of Child Support Services.

This agency works with parents to help make sure payments get where they need to go. With Child Support Awareness Month on for the month of August, now is a good time to remind others of the importance of this support. In respect to that, Marin County, California, has hit the news as the Marin County Department of Child Support Services reaches out to let people know that child support can make a difference in the future of a child and should be paid to help a child succeed.

The DCSS, regardless of where it is, has more than one job to fulfill. It doesn’t just collect and distribute child support payments as they come in. It also helps establish paternity to make sure fathers are paying or are able to receive parental rights, review orders for adjustments as necessary for the family and monitors support payments. The DCSS reaches out to both parents in child support situations, and the service often works with both parents, lawmakers, employers and others to make sure children are getting what they need.

According to the Marin DCSS, a family needs to be able to plan for economic stability with support payments. When a family is supported and stable, it means a better lifestyle for the child. If you’re waiting on support or need to have an order enforced, your DCSS and attorney can help.

Source: Novato Patch, “Marin Dept. of Child Support Services ‘Eager to Help Families’,” Maggie Avants, Aug. 03, 2016

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