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Tips to Filing a Divorce Case in California

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2017 | Divorce

Matters related to divorce have become a hot topic of discussion across the U.S in recent decades. Not only have divorce cases been at an all-time high but more children have also fallen victim to the consequences of marital separation. Depending on their exact age, divorce can be a complicated matter in the absence of adequate guidance from qualified experts. In most circumstances, prenuptial agreements significantly aid in the separation process since each spouse is acutely aware of their entitlement post the break-up.

Apart from overcoming the tense emotions likely to engulf the entire process, spouses must consider the best interests of the kids if they are to live healthy lives. This essentially means child custody should be determined immediately with the aid of the Justice Department with regards to the child’s wellbeing. Sole custody is mostly awarded to mothers courtesy of their unconditional love and support until attainment of legal age. On the other hand, joint custody is mainly accorded when both spouses play an integral role in the child’s upbringing and have an equal say in the decision-making process. In the event a custodial parent is awarded sole custody, their non-custodial counterpart must comply with visitation plans outlined by a Judge for immediate implementation.

This primarily means that each guideline must be followed to the letter, lest the parent is subjected to prosecution through breach of contract. Asset wise, you might want to conduct a comprehensive property division to safeguard your financial interests. However, spousal support ca be triggered when your spouse sacrificed their career to look after the kids. In such a case, the court will intervene to determine a suitable amount payable as spousal support at the end of each month. To determine an appropriate amount, the court must conduct business valuations to ascertain a reasonable amount.

Mainly done by an actuary, business valuations entail an accurate estimation of the viability of a business and its projected revenue. Such a study significantly assists in the allocation of spousal support for an intended beneficiary.

If you or a relative is in need of divorce representation, then don’t hesitate to contact a seasoned lawyer in California for legal guidance on the way forward.

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