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How to know when to pull the plug on a marriage

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2019 | Divorce

Those who are trapped in loveless marriages may not be able to pinpoint one specific moment or incident that caused them to pull the plug on their relationships. Often, it is the cumulative load of years of disappointments and arguments that brings about the end of a marriage and not a cataclysmic event.

Still, there do tend to be watershed moments where spouses realize that they just can no longer remain married to their spouses. These might include some of the following examples:

Your job is in jeopardy

If you are too upset by the goings-on in your marriage to carry out your job duties, you may want to re-evaluate staying married.

Other primary relationships are adversely affected

Maybe the kids are miserable due to the battleground that their home has become. Or perhaps your relationships with friends and family have disintegrated because of the controlling actions of your spouse.

Your health is compromised

The stress from a bad marriage can literally make some people sick, especially if they already were suffering from a chronic or debilitating condition that is exacerbated by stress.

You’re only in it for the kids

Couples who grit their teeth and remain together in marriages where there is a dearth of love and respect do their children no favors. The kids are exposed to a primary dysfunctional relationship that ill-prepares them to forge their own healthy relationships as adults.

There is abuse of any kind

Domestic abuse can be emotional, psychological or financial, as well as physical. This is a major red flag that it’s time to re-evaluate this relationship.

Talking to an Orange County family law attorney can help you weigh your options when deciding whether or not to divorce your spouse.

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