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Should you file for divorce this summer?

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2019 | Divorce

You and your spouse haven’t been getting along well for a long time. It’s almost as if the two of you are already living separate lives even though you are married.

Maybe it might be a good idea to make it official and file for divorce from your spouse this summer. At least that way, the two of you will be free to finally begin to once again live your best lives.

If you are contemplating filing for divorce, we can help you fight for the community property assets that will leave you best poised to succeed in your newly single life. We will meet with you and go over your financial statements. We’ll crunch some numbers and tell you the amount of child support and alimony that you could potentially receive.

Maybe you’re worried that you will no longer be able to afford to keep the family home. We can propose various settlement scenarios that might allow you to sell the home and purchase a smaller property within the same school district so the kids won’t have to switch schools come fall.

We will support your decisions and help you keep the assets that make the most sense for you to retain. We are always willing to negotiate but will never back down from a courtroom battle when that is the only way to get our clients what they need and deserve.

You may still be just in the information-gathering phase and not yet ready to file a petition for divorce. That’s fine, as we want our clients to fully understand the ramifications of a California divorce before they take any actions.

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