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Things divorce attorneys wish their clients knew

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2019 | Divorce

Divorce attorneys see it all — the good, bad and ugly side of marriages ending. They have inside knowledge of the mistakes and bad decisions that cost their clients a lot.

But they really wish that their clients could get up to speed about these matters, as it would make things easier for all concerned. With that in mind, below are some tips from family law attorneys all over the nation.

Lead with your head and not your heart

Divorce can be painful and traumatizing, but that doesn’t mean that your decisions should revolve around your emotions. That can be quite costly long-term.

Get your legal ducks in line before revealing you plan to file

It may seem sneaky, but in reality, it is a good business decision to copy relevant documents and gather evidence before tipping your hand.

Prepare to support yourself prior to filing

If you have relied on your spouse’s income to support yourself, now is the time to return to school or tweak your resume. Brushing up on your skills now will make you more employable when you are dependent on your own income later.

Leave a paper trail

In a community property state like California, being able to establish that an asset is your separately-owned property can be vital.

Pick your battles

Save your ammunition for the really important issues. Don’t go to war over things like pictures that can be copied easily or a single sentimental item that has low value. Decide what you really want and agree to compromise on other matters.

Appearances matter

This applies literally to what you wear to court and also to your actions during the pendency of the proceedings. Being seen out on the town with a new paramour can cast you in a negative light.

By working closely with your Orange County family law attorney, you can avoid the pitfalls of divorce.

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