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Get the most out of your split with your ex

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2019 | Child Custody

Sometimes, people seek divorces because they can no longer stand to remain together with their spouse. Other times, a spouse has a divorce forced upon them when they are still very much in love with their wife or husband.

If you are a spouse in the latter group, it may indeed seem as if your world has come crashing down around your feet. That’s understandable, but you still have to act rationally in your own best interests.

If your spouse recently notified you that they are filing for divorce, the steps you take now can determine how well you will be positioned after the divorce is finalized and you’re single again.

We help our clients get through every phase of their divorces. We can recommend strategies that may provide them with ample child and spousal support, if applicable.

We can also help them review the community property assets and evaluate which ones will allow them to walk away from the marriage with an economic cushion. In marriages where there are many complex assets, we can retain a forensic accountant to go over all the assets and make sure that everything has been accounted and valuated properly.

As we head into the holiday season, it can be an especially difficult time to be newly single. We encourage our clients who are struggling hard to seek temporary counseling to help them manage these troubling emotions. If you have minor children, they also will be affected by the divorce. It’s often helpful to arrange a few sessions with a counselor for them as well during these challenging times.

Never feel that you are going through the divorce all alone. We stand with our clients and help them achieve parity in all settlement negotiations.

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