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Do you or your spouse have these jobs? Divorce may be ahead

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2020 | Divorce

Marriages can be a delicate balance of perseverance and compromise. Many different factors can contribute to the demise of a marriage. But for some spouses, their occupations could be the straw that breaks the back of their domestic bliss.

Below are the top five occupations most likely to lead to divorce court.

1. Gaming managers

It turns out that working in a casino environment can be quite detrimental to your relationship status quo. Casino gaming managers have a divorce rate of nearly 53%. It’s little wonder that working in a party atmosphere where the liquor flows freely could lead to strained relationships.

2. Bartenders

The divorce rate for bartenders is nearly as high as the above, as they hold down second place with a divorce rate of 52.7%. Interestingly, bartenders who make higher wages have lower rates of divorce, so make sure that you tip the tap-puller at your local watering hole.

3. Flight attendants

Working at 30,000 feet appears to be deleterious for many marriages. Flight attendants have divorce rates of 50.5%. Apparently, all that time away from home is not making that many hearts grow fonder.

4. Gaming services workers

There’s something about the casino atmosphere that seems to weaken marriages. The rate of divorce for those employed in the gaming sector in positions other than management is 50.3%. Many of these workers sacrifice family time on evenings, weekends and holidays, which can take a heavy toll on relationships.

5. Machine operators, tenders and setters

With a divorce rate of 50.1%, these millworkers can do grueling labor in high temperatures for long hours. That, plus their near-constant worries of their jobs being sent overseas, can weaken the home ties that bind them to their marriages.

Divorce can affect Orange County residents regardless of their occupation. Learning more about your options can leave you better poised to begin your newly-single life.

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