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Child custody: Cooperation is key for parenting

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2020 | Child Custody

Separating from a long-time spouse can throw life into a state of unknown. It can also turn the children’s lives into a whirlwind of chaos and uncertainty. For many parents in California who split, working out child custody arrangementscan be difficult. Parents should always work to get any issues resolved quickly so that the children can begin to settle into their new way of life. Here are a few ways separated parents can resolve conflict and facilitate a stable environment for their children.

After a breakup, it is common for parents to be resentful for the way things have transpired. However, if a parent holds on to resentment and tries to hurt an ex by excluding him or her from parenting, it will backfire and only hurt the children. Do what’s best for the children and find another way to deal with feelings and/or unresolved issues.

If the other party is truly being difficult, remember to document everything. Communication obstacles among parents will affect the ability to make decisions for the children. For those with a high-conflict ex, documenting challenges and conflicts will show that attempts to communicate or cooperate with him or her result in a stalemate.

Research shows that kids do best when they have access to both parents as well as ongoing relationships with both parents. A big part of successful parenting after a separation revolves around communication and cooperation. Parents should always remember to do what is best for the children and put their differences aside. Seeking the services of a legal representative can be very helpful for parents in California who have questions about child custody. A knowledgeable attorney can provide clarity and guide parents throughout this stressful experience.

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