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Advice for those who are contemplating divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2020 | Divorce

It’s common knowledge that life is completely unpredictable. Preparation is the best way to make it through life’s many difficulties unscathed. The same can also be said about the overwhelming experience of divorce. A marital breakup is one of life’s most challenging events but just a little preparation can help ease the pain of this experience. Here are a few things to consider for California residents who may be considering divorce proceedings.

The dissolution of a marriage is life-changing, so don’t try to rush into any decisions. It can be helpful to undergo marriage counseling, or just take time to reflect and think about the situation. Any divorce can quickly turn messy, so try to consider all circumstances and options. Don’t jump in headfirst, but instead make sure to gain an understanding of the available options. For example, collaborative practices and mediation can be efficient and dignified ways of reaching an accord.

It goes without saying that divorce is an expensive process, so now is the time to take inventory of all financial accounts and obligations. Create a list of monthly expenses to get an idea of how much income will be needed in the future. This is also the time to update beneficiaries and change passwords on all electronic financial accounts.

Gaining a full understanding of legal responsibilities and rights can prove invaluable throughout the dissolution of a marriage. For any individual considering divorce, it is recommended to find a legal representative that he or she feels comfortable with. A seasoned, family law attorney can safely guide individuals through this difficult and often tumultuous experience.

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