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Reducing the mental and physical side effects of divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2020 | Divorce

The dissolution of a marriage is a taxing and highly stressful situation, and one that can take a significant toll on a person’s mental and physical health. Those who go through a divorce often experience grief, resentment, guilt, fear and even relief. Many times, all of these emotions occur on top of one another. The difficult emotions and intense stressors of divorce can have both physical and mental side effects. Here’s what those in California need to look out for.

Those who experience divorce are usually vulnerable and may be tempted to deal with their emotions in negative or harmful ways, such as abusing alcohol or drugs. Stay ahead of this by finding better and positive ways to cope with difficult emotions. Some examples of healthy and positive coping strategies are exercise, meditation or joining a support group.

Understandably, life is uncertain and chaotic for those in the midst of a divorce. Professional counseling may be a big help during this time. A knowledgeable divorce counselor can give personalized suggestions to help those who are going through divorce deal with the specific issues they may be facing. A counselor can also help an individual sort through and process difficult emotions that he or she may be dealing with at this time.

A marital breakup is a tumultuous and upsetting experience. However, always remember that this time will pass. It is very important to prioritize health and well-being during this time. Any individual in California who is contemplating or going through a divorce has the right to speak to a legal representative. A seasoned attorney can offer legal guidance and ensure that personal rights are protected.

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