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How to prepare for child custody court proceedings

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2020 | Child Custody

Parents who go through the dissolution of a marriage are often concerned about how the breakup will affect the children. Sometimes, parents are unable to come to a suitable child custody agreement, so the matter proceeds to court. It goes without saying that court appearances can be pretty intimidating. Here are a few ways parents in California can ensure they are prepared when heading into a child custody hearing.

When preparing for court proceedings, parents need to do their research and educate themselves on what to expect. This way they can anticipate each step of the process. For example, have arguments lined up beforehand. A lawyer can help with this. However, if the individual does not have a lawyer, he or she can think through important topics such as living arrangements and how they will support the financial and emotional needs of the children.

Although it can be easily overlooked, the proper courtroom attire can go a long, long way in a child custody hearing. Family court is generally in a smaller, more intimate setting so appearance will be noticeable and important. Clothing, makeup and hairstyles should always be conservative and formal. This sends the message that the parent is professional, responsible and capable of caring for the children.

Most importantly, always keep in mind that this is for the children. Courts in California will always put the best interests of the children at the forefront of any decision. Parents who would like more information about child custody and what to expect during proceedings may want to consider consulting a legal representative. A seasoned attorney can answer questions and help any parent prepare themselves for a child custody case.

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