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Month: January 2021

Helping children cope with the stress of divorce

A marital breakup is challenging for everyone involved. For children, seeing their family split apart can be traumatic to say the least. When parents divorce, the children often feel uncertain, angry and may even blame themselves for the events that have transpired....

How can a child custody order be modified?

When parents in California separate, they will usually work together to come to a suitable custody agreement that fits the best interests of the children. However, as the years go by and situations change, the child custody agreement may need to be amended. For...

A few strategies to save money amid a divorce

Nearly every person knows that a marital breakup is not only very stressful, but it can also be very expensive. According to a recent nationwide divorce survey, the average cost of a divorce in the United States is about $15,000. Also, if the divorce goes to trial,...