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What are the consequences of unpaid child support?

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2021 | Child Support

Without question, raising children these days is expensive. When parents separate, sometimes two incomes are reduced to one and financial hardship may follow. This is one reason why child support laws exist in the state of California. Child support is a form of monetary payment made to the custodial parent from the noncustodial parent to contribute toward the financial needs of the children. Harsh consequences await parents who willfully choose not to pay court-ordered child support.

Jail time

Those who ignore child support payments often think they can get away with it, but it will eventually catch up with them. Failure to pay can result in many weeks of incarceration. If the court finds that a parent is behind on child support payments, the judge may have him or her arrested. However, most courts will attempt to collect the back child support through methods such as wage garnishment before considering jail time.

How long are offenders incarcerated?

Courts will always strive to meet the best interests of the children. Children benefit the most from receiving financial support and care from both parents. This is why repeat offenders are not often overlooked. The period of time for incarceration for offenders is not usually longer than six months but generally enough time to ensure the parent will make child support payments in the future.

It’s difficult to raise a child these days with the financial support of only one parent. Those in California who have questions or need help obtaining unpaid child support may want to consider contacting a legal representative. A knowledgeable and skilled attorney can answer questions and use the law to support the parent’s unique position.

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