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These careers have unusually high divorce rates

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2021 | Divorce

Marriages dissolve for a number of reasons. Common reasons for divorce these days include financial problems, infidelity and incompatibility. However, there are certain career paths that have been linked to higher rates of divorce in California. Here are a few of those.

Chemical Technicians

Chemical technicians commonly spend a lot of time in the lab conducting research and experiments. Many chemical technicians also work long and irregular hours to monitor their experiments and studies. Not surprisingly, the dedication and focus it takes to be successful in this field may lead to unhappy marriages.

Food Service Workers

Any person who has waited tables or worked in the food service industry will admit that this career path is far from a glamorous one. Apparently, these careers are not great for marriages, either. According to one study, the divorce rate for workers in this industry is around 15%. Salaries are typically lower in this field as well, which could lead to financial strain.

First-Line Military Supervisors

A recent study found that spouses under 30 in this profession have a divorce rate of around 30%. Reasons for divorce for those in this field often include job stress and long hours. Lengthy combat deployments may also lead to marital breakups.

Today, it seems that stress is a common occurrence in most professions. During times of high stress, some people will completely immerse themselves in their work as a form of distraction and may neglect their marriages. Those in California who feel that divorce is on the horizon can contact a legal representative. A knowledgeable family law attorney will assess the client’s situation and provide unique legal guidance.

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