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Handling the difficult emotions that often come with divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2021 | Firm News

For those in California who go through the dissolution of a marriage, one of the biggest questions is how long will it take to get over the breakup. Without a doubt, letting go of a life built with a long-term partner is anything but easy. The emotional consequences of divorce are often very painful. Here are a few ways to manage the painful emotions of divorce and facilitate recovery.


When going through an emotional divorce, it may be tempting to isolate and wallow in emotions. However, life is still going on and things still have to be done. It is usually helpful to make a to-do list and prioritize tasks to stay on track with the things that need to be done. Focusing on necessary tasks often helps with warding off anxiety and depression.

Get rid of memories

Those who go through divorce sometimes hang on to old photographs or memorabilia of their past life. However, keeping these things will only bring up old feelings and emotions from the past. To move on and heal, get rid of anything that serves as a reminder of the former marriage.


Self-care is crucial when it comes to getting through a painful divorce. Create and maintain routines that facilitate physical and mental well-being. Some good ways to practice physical and mental self-care are working out, yoga, going outdoors or journaling.

Any person who has been through divorce knows that the experience can be extremely overwhelming. Sometimes it is necessary to seek out professional assistance to cope with the emotions of divorce. A counselor or therapist can be a big help during this time. Also, those in California who are going through a divorce could benefit by discussing their situation with a legal representative. A seasoned family law attorney can guide individuals through this difficult event and ensure that they are legally protected.

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