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Helpful advice for fathers who are paying child support

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2021 | Child Support

Although the rate of divorce in the United States has fallen in recent years, it’s still about 45 percent. This means there are thousands of single parents in California and across the country who are paying court-ordered child support. Since mothers are most often the custodial parent, child support payments are commonly made by fathers. The following strategies may be helpful for fathers who are paying child support.


Some challenges of co-parenting after a divorce involve communication and creating a level of trust. As difficult as it may seem, fathers should actively communicate and be proactive with the other parent regarding financial matters. Never attempt to withhold financial information, as this will only lead to big problems in the future.

Create an agreement

Issues are going to arise even if the separation was amicable. Having a clear parenting agreement in place before problems pop up will save money, time and heartache. The plan could involve exchanging bills for outstanding expenses each month to resolve them or letting parents have the option to decline payments for large expenses such as vacations beforehand.

Keep children out of it

Divorce is already traumatic enough for children, so fathers do not need to add to this by dragging the kids into financial issues with the other parent. Understandably, emotions will run high following a divorce. Keep the angst out of the lives of the children.

The most important piece of advice for fathers who are paying child support is to get a good attorney. Fathers in California who need help with child support or parenting issues should consider contacting an attorney who is experienced in dealing with family law matters. A seasoned lawyer will ensure that the client’s rights are safeguarded and financial interests are protected.

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