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Joint child custody arrangements can be very beneficial

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2021 | Child Custody

When parents in California divorce, seemingly countless challenges can arise. A primary area of concern is usually the child custody arrangement. These days, courts in California and across the country have recognized how crucial it is for children to have close relationships with both parents. As a result, joint custody arrangements are very common today. Here are a few main benefits to a joint child custody arrangement. 

Parental involvement 

A joint custody arrangement ensures that both parents remain active in the children’s lives. Numerous studies have shown that children benefit the most when both parents are involved in daily life. Joint custody allows for both parents to stay actively involved in the day-to-day duties of parenting. 

Decisions remain shared 

Joint legal custody will keep both parents involved when it comes to important matters such as education or medical decisions. In sole legal child custody, making these critical decisions falls on one parent, which can undoubtedly be stressful. A joint legal custody arrangement allows parents to work together to come to a decision that they are comfortable with. 


Being a single parent can bring about a ton of responsibility and often having to juggle work schedules and child care. A joint custody arrangement can help to ease the burden of being a single parent. With a good shared parenting relationship and a joint custody schedule, both parents are there to support each other if one parent gets called in to work or other unexpected things arise. 

Understandably, sharing child custody can be difficult. The marriage ended for a reason, so communication and agreements are not always easy for parents who have divorced. Fortunately, there is help available. Parents in California who have questions regarding child custody or any family law matters can gain much-needed guidance by consulting with a knowledgeable and experienced attorney. 

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