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Is it okay to date when going through a divorce?

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2021 | Divorce

Separating from a long-time spouse is understandably very challenging. Those who are in the midst of a divorce find themselves suddenly single and this often brings about feelings of loneliness and isolation. It may be tempting to seek another romantic relationship while divorce proceedings are still ongoing. But, is it permissible to date during a divorce in the state of California? 

Dating during divorce is unwise 

Once spouses make the decision to separate or divorce, they may think they are free to start a new relationship. However, it’s best to think twice about it. It is wise to refrain from dating until after the divorce is finalized for a number of strategic and legal reasons. 

Strategic reasons 

Emotions are very raw in divorce. If one spouse chooses to date during the divorce, it is often like rubbing salt in the wound of the other party. This may cause the other party to retaliate and make a challenging situation even more difficult and stressful. The other spouse could feel that he or she has been wronged and may seek some sense of justice. 

Legal reasons 

The courts view divorcing couples as legally married until the proceedings and divorce are finalized. Even if an individual has been separated from his or her spouse for a while, dating during the divorce may, in certain limited circumstances, be used to prove financial misconduct during the marriage. This can affect things like property settlement and spousal support. 

Generally speaking, dating during a divorce is not a good idea. However, just as every marriage is different, the same can be said for every divorce. Those in California who may be wondering how things such as dating during divorce may impact their specific situation could obtain much needed advice and legal guidance by contacting an experienced family law attorney. 

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