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Do these things before filing for divorce

Going through the end of a marriage is a challenging and often overwhelming process. Those who go through divorce not only have to make the emotional decision to separate from the person they married, but they also have to keep in mind all of the logistics that come...

How to overcome depression following a divorce

The dissolution of a marriage can cause a person to experience a whirlwind of emotions. Understandably, depression following a divorce is something commonly seen in those who go through it. Divorce is a major life-changing event, and, consequently, recovery can take a...

Strategies for negotiating child support

Many financial problems can arise when parents in California decide to separate. Today, it usually takes multiple incomes to make ends meet. Fortunately, child support was established for this reason. However, sometimes parents may need to amend how much child support...

These careers have unusually high divorce rates

Marriages dissolve for a number of reasons. Common reasons for divorce these days include financial problems, infidelity and incompatibility. However, there are certain career paths that have been linked to higher rates of divorce in California. Here are a few of...

Communication strategies for co-parents

Being a parent can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life. However, parenting can also be extremely challenging, especially for California parents who have gone through a divorce or separation. These days, more and more parents are choosing a shared...

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