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Divorce when a business is involved

From California to New York and all states in between, there are married couples who jointly own a business. Along with this, there are situations in which one partner believes he or she is the sole owner of the company, however, one comes to find out differently, often during the divorce process.

When the fur starts flying: pets and divorce

With 62 percent of homes in the U.S. having a pet, it's no wonder that those furry creatures become a sticking point when it comes to divorce. Deciding to divorce is difficult, especially when you consider child custody, child support, alimony and property division. The latter, though, is where your pet comes in. You might believe that Fido or Frisky is a part of your family, but in the eyes of a California court, your pet is nothing more than property.

Parents going through divorce should talk to their kids

It does not matter if you live in California or another state, the fact that the divorce process can be difficult on any children involved is no surprise. This is even more so the case if one or both of the parents neglect to sit down and talk with the child or children who are going through this difficult transition.

Stay-at-home parents may need a financial makeover after divorce

A divorce is not just a time of emotional upheaval, but it can lead to a long stretch of financial turmoil as well. For moms that gave up their careers to stay at home with the children, a divorce can thrust them back into the job market -- and many aren't prepared. One woman from California received advice from a financial expert to help her regain her financial footing while re-entering the job market.

What you really need to hear during a divorce

For many residents of Orange County and the rest of the country, the emotions accompanying a divorce may seem overwhelming. One divorced mother recently recounted her experience, which was not pleasant. However, she was able to provide some advice for those people who only want to help by offering a word of encouragement or "the most trite of expressions."

Jennifer Lopez asks for name change in divorce filings

While many women choose to keep their married name after a divorce, others do not. There are those that want to have their name changed back to their maiden names or names from a previous marriage. Some women continue to use their name from before the marriage because of their careers. Then there are those who take their husband's name, but continue to be known by their name before the nuptials. This is the case with Jennifer Lopez.

Actors finalize divorce after two year battle

Orange County readers are likely familiar with the Hollywood actors Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. Though the couple split in November of 2011, their divorce was just recently finalized. Kutcher filed divorce paperwork in December of 2012 and since then, Moore has been seeking a common factor in many divorces: alimony. Allegedly, Moore was seeking $25 million as a lump sum form of spousal support, partially fueled by Kutcher's alleged infidelity. However, with Kutcher as one of television's highest paid actors, as well as the hand behind some tech startups and the face of a popular digital camera, the actor's net worth likely had a hand in the holdup as well.

Online service strives to reduce child support arguments

There are certain realities to which people must become accustomed after going through a divorce. For example, people may have to adjust to a new place to call home, a visitation schedule that may mean fewer hours with their children, and the responsibility of making regular spousal support and/or child support payments.

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