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Ludacris hit hard in child support case

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2014 | Child Support

Even though Ludacris is one of the top rappers in the world, this does not change the fact that he has to follow the law just the same as everybody else. As of late, the famous rapper and actor has been tangled up in a child support battle with the mother of their 4-month-old daughter.

Despite his best efforts, Ludacris came out on the losing end when a Georgia judge ordered him to pay the mother’s legal bill. Court documents from the March 20 ruling said, “Petitioner shall pay to Respondent’s counsel, Thirty Five Thousand Dollars ($35,000.00), in addition to any amounts previously awarded or paid, as an award of temporary attorney’s fees and expenses of litigation.”

Ludacris and the baby’s mother testified in front of a judge, at which time the woman made it known that she thought her attorney fees should be paid by the rapper. Furthermore, since the judge agreed, he was only given 10 days from the court date to make the payment.

It does not matter how much money somebody has or the industry in which they work, when it comes to child custody and child support, everybody has to follow the laws outlined in their particular state.

Many of our California readers have been faced with a similar situation in the past, leading to a court date in which a judge decides what the future holds. In this case, Ludacris was prompted by the judge to pay $35,000. While this was the most recent ruling in the child support battle, there may be more of the same to come.

Source: Radar Online, “Ludacris Shot Down By Judge In Child Support Case, Ordered To Pay Over $35,000 To Baby Mama” No author given, Apr. 10, 2014

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