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Social media could be a good way to serve divorce papers

Social media is good for many things, but is filing for divorce one of them? It's certainly and unusual way to enter into the process, but it's one that will likely be seen more often in the future.

How can social media help? Imagine that you're trying to serve legal divorce papers to your spouse. If your spouse won't accept the papers, then you could send them through a social media link that indicates when they have been received, which would qualify as delivering them to your spouse in the eyes of the court.

While this isn't the most common way to serve papers, it could be the way to do so in the future. More people than ever are using digital communication, so it just makes sense that much of a divorce could be completed over the Internet as well. Some argue that social media is too public and that divorce information shouldn't be sent over the Internet, but others say that it's just one more outlet for getting the divorce moving.

The first recognized time that divorce papers were served in the United States was in New York; a woman couldn't find her husband, he refused to meet and private investigators couldn't locate him. A judge ruled that she could message her husband with the digital divorce documents over Facebook. On Facebook, the messenger lets you know when the other person has received the uploaded information with a time stamp that can be used by the court. If you find that you need to serve your spouse in Orange County and can't find him or her, this may be an option to consider with your attorney.

Source: CBS Philly, "Filing For Divorce On Social Media Seems To Be Wave Of The Future," Oct. 20, 2016

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