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Child Support – knowing your rights and obligations

On Behalf of | May 26, 2017 | Child Support

Facing the end of a marriage can be an emotionally charged time with many critical and complex issues to be tackled. When children are also involved, the stakes are even higher.  Going through a divorce means having to address matters surrounding child custody, support, and visitation. These decisions are both psychologically taxing and difficult to face alone. Who do the children live with, how does relocation impact well-being and what financial measures should be adopted to care for dependents are just a sample of the multifaceted questions that need solutions.

Perhaps the most challenging matters to reconcile are those of child support. To a large extent child support guidelines furnish a certain amount of answers based on custody and financial resources; however, determining how much and in what manner to pay support is unique to each relationship. Some of the aspects to consider when developing a child support formula are the cost of living, medical, educational and everyday expenses of the child. Making provisions for basic needs is essential but making allowances for those things that speak to the quality of life and maintaining a standard that the child has become accustomed are vital.  

All too often, child support becomes a contentious issue surrounding the marital desolation with a negative impact on child welfare. Children can feel trapped in the middle of two parents that become embroiled in conflicts over money. Whether you are responsible for and have concerns about how much support or are the custodial parent that worries about making ends meet, an attorney can help mitigate fears.

An experienced attorney who specializes in divorce can assist you in focusing in on real solutions to child support issues. Seek guidance from a trained professional as early in the settlement process as possible to reduce the adverse effects on the child and gain valuable insight into how your new life can be amicable.

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