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Why Failure To Pay Child Support Can Land You in Prison

On Behalf of | May 10, 2017 | Child Support

Child support ranks among the most contested issues as far as divorce is concerned. This is basically the monthly payment that is given to the custodial party when a married couple divorces. More often than less, issues pertaining to child support are contested since it is usually hard for the divorcing parties to reach an amicable financial settlement. If caught up in such a situation, it is imperative that you hire a child support lawyer who will make the entire process less intricate.


Failure to make timely monthly payments to the custodial parent can land you in serious trouble. This is because the payments are reinforced by a court order. Therefore, failure to follow them through means you are in contempt of court. In addition, you can be jailed for failing to make the payments altogether without any valid reason. This is often deemed to be a disregard of the obligation that you have towards the upbringing and wellbeing of your children.

What if You Cannot Afford the Payments Ordered?

Typically, child support payments are based on your level of income unless you underwent a high asset divorce. Nonetheless, you can still challenge the amount of payment ordered by the judge by filing for a child support modification. In as much as this might sound easy, it is a stringent process that can only succeed with the help of a seasoned divorce attorney.

You must prove that there is a substantial adjustment in your income, which makes it difficult for you to afford the current payment. Even if you are granted a child support modification, you are still required to pay up any ensuing arrears once your financial situation improves. This might strain you financially in the long run, more so if the arrears balloon.

There are a number of employment programs initiated by the Federal Office of Child Enforcement, whose objective is to help low-income noncustodial parents to make child support payments. You should use such programs to catch up on your payments if your finances get stretched. Even so, you might lose some of your civil privileges including having your license cancelled. Besides this, you must keep in mind that child support payments are in the interest of your child and therefore, need to be followed through.


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