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Parents, pursue child support for your kids

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2019 | Child Support

You’re ready to divorce your child’s other parent — or perhaps you never married them in the first place. You may be so happy to see the door closing behind them that you are ready to agree not to seek child support from them.

Please reconsider this decision, moms and dads. Yes, it can be incredibly frustrating dealing with exes when you can no longer stand the sight of them. However, if the two of you share a child, this decision has an impact on your child.

You may argue that you earn a good living and are able to provide your child with all that they need — and then some. Yet, those extra child support funds from their other parent could be socked away in an account to later help pay for college, be the down payment on their first car or even pay for a trip to Europe or another destination of their choice.

You also can’t foretell the future. Companies close, workers get fired, people get sick and are forced to rely on far less income than they are used to earning. Just because you don’t need your ex’s contributions right now doesn’t mean that you may never need them. But letting them off the legal or moral hook to support their own children can backfire mightily if you one day need to collect from that parent.

There’s another cost of this dereliction of parental duty. A parent who doesn’t support their child may feel less of a connection to them. Whether that’s related to feelings of shame, inadequacy or apathy, the end result is a child who is deprived of the financial, emotional and physical support of their parent.

We can help you recover child support from your child’s other parent. Call our office today to learn how we can assist you.

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