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Fight for the child support your kids need

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2020 | Child Support

If you and your ex had a particularly acrimonious bust-up, you may be tempted to let them off the hook on paying child support simply to get them out of your and your children’s lives.

But that would be an unfortunate mistake. For one, your children deserve the best life possible. Financial assistance via child support can enhance their standard of living and provide them with opportunities like private schools and music lessons.

But also, unless your spouse gives up their parental rights to the kids, they can still pursue visitation with the children even if they don’t pay a dime in support. The two matters are entirely separate under the law. Letting your ex off the financial hook will not necessarily eliminate them from your lives.

We can help you seek the child support that you need to rear your children to adulthood. We can review the state child support guidelines with you and ask the court to subpoena your ex’s financial records to determine what they should be paying in support.

If you can no longer locate your kids’ other parent, we can offer resources to help you find them and hold them accountable for supporting their minor children. In some cases, it may be necessary to use child support enforcement services to get deadbeat parents to pay up. There are a number of carrot-and-stick options these agencies can use to encourage parents to pay their arrearages. For instance, you could receive their federal tax refunds each year until their debt is paid in full.

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