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Some advice for men who are going through divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2020 | Child Support

Men are often thought of as strong and resilient. Due to this stereotype, it may seem like they will not need as much help or support in the event of a marital breakup. However, this could not be further from the truth. Divorce can be just as challenging and stressful for men as it is for women. Men in California who are going through a divorce may find the following advice helpful.

For those who have just separated from a spouse, it can be tempting to think that things are going to be all right and the situation will work itself out. However, this is rarely the case. Men who find themselves headed for a divorce should make efforts to protect themselves as soon as possible, especially financially. Make copies of all important financial documents. Move important documents out of the house and store them somewhere secure, such as a locker or safe deposit box.

It is also recommended to separate joint accounts into personal accounts. But first, consult with the soon-to-be former spouse and come to an agreement on this move. It’s not recommended to simply freeze out the other party and withdraw finances. Do what seems fair, such as only taking out half and leaving the spouse’s half intact. The judge will not look favorably upon any man who takes all the money away from his wife and children.

The dissolution of a marriage will affect men and women differently. However, regardless of gender, a divorce is a difficult experience for any person to go through. Those in California who have questions or are contemplating divorce should consult with a legal representative. A seasoned and objective family law attorney can provide guidance and protect personal interests.

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