Child support money should be used for these things


The cost of living in California these days continues to rise, so it often takes two incomes to support a family. Consequently, many financial struggles can arise when parents decide to separate. Child support was established in an attempt to remedy this issue. For the most part, Child support can be defined as a monetary payment made by the noncustodial parent to the custodial parent. The purpose of child support is to provide financial assistance to ensure the needs of the children are met. 

What should child support be used for?

Money paid as child support is supposed to be used for the care of the children when parents divorce or separate. In general, it is designed to economically maintain a child’s standard of living. Child support money can be used to pay for things like medical and school expenses, shelter, food, clothing, toys, and other basic necessities that the children will use. 

What child support should not be used for

While child support money is often paid to the custodial parent, it should not be used for their personal expenses or things that are not connected to their children. Common ways some custodial parents misuse child support funds include things like entertainment, salon services, clothing and vacations that don’t involve the children. Also, any surplus child support money should be saved for future expenses related to the children. 

Understandably, child support funds are to be used for the welfare of the children. The laws surrounding child support can be confusing and will vary from state to state. Parents in California who have questions about child support can contact a legal representative. A knowledgeable and trusted family law attorney will answer difficult questions and provide much-needed guidance.