Communication and cooperation are essential in co-parenting


When parents in California divorce, they often choose to co-parent. Though not always easy, the basic premise of co-parenting is for parents to share responsibility for raising children even though the family is no longer under the same roof. For any child custody arrangement to work, the children’s best interests must remain the central focus. With co-parenting, in particular, communication and cooperation among parents is crucial. 

Effective communication 

In many cases, ineffective communication between the couple was the primary cause of their break-up. This likely will not change just because the relationship is over. However, for the co-parenting arrangement to be successful, parents must communicate effectively. If parents are having trouble communicating, they may want to try working with a therapist or coach to help with communication issues.  


Cooperation and collaboration are also significant factors in a successful co-parenting arrangement. Parents should always try to put their past relationship behind them, move beyond their differences and cooperate for the sake of the children. Parents may need to sit down and list out the rules and routines of their child-rearing partnership. It may also be helpful for parents to look at each other as colleagues now to keep the parental relationship respectful and professional. 

To grow into well-adjusted adults, children require consistency, rules and structure. When parents effectively and successfully co-parent, the children’s lives will greatly improve. Seeking the services of a family law attorney can be very beneficial for parents in California who need help or have questions about child custody arrangements. An experienced legal representative can provide clarity and help parents formulate a plan to fit their specific situations.