Divorced co-parents need to avoid these mistakes


It’s no secret that divorced spouses often do not see eye-to-eye. After all, the divorce happened for a reason. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for divorced parents who are in a co-parenting child custody arrangement to have contradictory parenting styles. Sometimes, parents can lose sight of how to best discipline their children amid a challenging divorce. For divorced co-parents in California, here are some mistakes to avoid


After a divorce, it can be tempting to try and be the “favorite” parent. However, the last thing parents need to do is compete over who has the best house. Bending the rules will only set a parent up for failure. The children may vote for which parent has lesser rules or who spoils them the most. These things do not serve the children’s best interest. 

Negative talk about the other parent 

It may be tempting to vent to the children about the other parent or their parenting style. However, saying negative things about the other parent in front of the children will only hurt parent/child relationships in the long run. Even though the relationship is over, remember that the ex-spouse is still the mother or father to the children. 

Unfortunately, when parents divorce, the children are often caught in the middle. Parents who have a co-parenting child custody arrangement need to put their past relationship behind them and keep the well-being of children at the forefront. California parents who have questions or want to know more about the types of child custody arrangements may want to consider consulting a legal representative. An experienced family law attorney can answer questions and provide much-needed guidance for parents.