Joint custody often beneficial for both children and parents


Saying that divorcing parents have a lot to handle is an understatement. During this difficult experience, parents not only have to ensure that their own affairs are in order, but they also have to make sure they make the best decisions when it comes to child custody. Obviously, parents only want what is best for their children. For this reason, courts in California favor joint custody. Here are a few benefits of a joint custody arrangement.

Parental involvement

Children typically need involvement from both parents in order to have the best odds for survival. The results of numerous studies over the years have backed this assessment. Having both parents involved in their lives is the best scenario for the growth and development of the children.

Parents get breaks

It’s no secret that parenting can be challenging and exhausting to say the least. Parents deserve a break every now and then. With joint custody, each parent has time to themselves between visits, so they are able to be the best versions of themselves when they have the children.


A joint custody arrangement means that children have the advantage of living across two households. What one household lacks, the other often provides. For example, one parent may live close to stores and shops, while the other parent lives close to a park.

These days, most courts encourage separating parents to pursue a joint custody arrangement. However, joint custody will be successful only if both parents cooperate and participate equally. California parents who have questions or want to know more about child custody arrangements may want to consider speaking with a lawyer. A trusted family law attorney can answer questions and provide legal guidance to help parents determine the arrangement that best fits their needs.