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Obtaining Favorable And Fair Results For Divorce Clients

Choosing a divorce lawyer is an important and highly personal decision. Your attorney should be skilled in family law issues and have a great sense of dedication to his or her clients.

When you retain Rosen & Rosen, LLP, to represent you, our attorneys spend a great deal of time listening to your story and assessing your unique legal position. At your initial consultation, we discuss all of your concerns, including those of financial stability, child support, custody and property division. Our attorneys will then assemble a legal plan aimed at protecting your rights and obtaining the best possible results for your specific circumstances.

We advocate for a collaborative approach to divorce aimed at finding mutually agreeable terms through negotiation or mediation. Keeping your case out of court greatly increases your decision-making ability, and saves you the time, money and emotional trauma often associated with a trial. If an agreement cannot be reached, or we feel that your rights are being violated, we are fully prepared to litigate your case. Our firm is extremely skilled in divorce litigation and has a strong record of obtaining favorable and fair results for our clients.

“I can’t describe to you how grateful I am for your help — the words are not there. You have made a heart-wrenching event (probably the worst in my life) bearable. Thank you with all of my heart and soul.” — M.B., Rosen & Rosen family law client

Helping Clients Address Complex Issues In Divorce

While each divorce has its share of difficult issues to resolve, some cases have extenuating circumstances which require a legal team equipped with focused experience. At Rosen & Rosen, LLP, our attorneys each bring specific skills to various aspects of our practice. Together, we are able to address all of our clients’ complex needs.

High-conflict divorce: In certain divorce cases, clients may experience exceptionally high conflicts in resolving tough legal issues such as out-of-state moves with children, or division of business assets. Bonnie Rosen has extensive divorce litigation experience and fights aggressively in order to protect her clients’ rights at settlement or trial. With a strong track record of success, she has never had a trial decision reversed on appeal. When appropriate, our firm teams with top experts, such as child custody psychologists, in order to strengthen your case.

Business valuations: Dan Rosen is backed by more than 35 years of business law experience and is especially valuable to business owners during divorce. He helps business owners, or their spouses, navigate the intricacies and consequences involved in their unique cases. Dan is skilled in business valuations, and understands how this affects the division of assets in a divorce. If necessary, Dan will call upon external experts, such as top forensic accountants, to help establish your claims.

Estate planning: Divorce can drastically change your existing estate plan, and in some cases, is a prompt to create an initial plan. Dan has helped numerous clients address their estate planning needs during and after a divorce and can provide sound advice on ways to maximize your wealth today and when your estate passes to your heirs.

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When you are facing a divorce, contact Rosen & Rosen, LLP. Our experienced Orange, California, divorce lawyers provide qualified and compassionate representation.

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