How to prepare when divorce feels inevitable and imminent


When couples are joined in holy matrimony, they never truly plan on one day splitting up. Over time, however, people change and some spouses may discover that they’ll be happier apart. For those in California who are convinced that they are headed for divorce, here are a few steps to take to get prepared

Make copies of important documents 

One of the first things to do is to go through household files and make copies of important financial and legal documents. These are usually things like bank statements, tax returns, investments, retirement accounts, vehicle titles and life insurance policies. Also, be sure to print out hard copies of financial data that may be stored on a home computer. 

Take inventory of debt and income 

One of the most difficult things to address in a divorce is marital debt. Find out the total amount of family debt and, if possible, consider paying it down prior to divorce. Also, it is usually helpful to determine the other spouse’s income before heading into divorce. 

Build a nest egg 

Save as much money as possible during this time. Prepare for likely scenarios such paying attorney fees or the spouse moving out and neglecting to pay the bills. Initiate divorce proceedings when a nest egg of savings feels sufficient. 

Consult a legal representative 

Having knowledge of legal rights and responsibilities can prove invaluable during this experience. Consulting with a knowledgeable attorney is possibly one of the most important things to do when divorce feels inevitable. A dedicated legal representative seasoned in family law can help an individual protect his or her personal rights and provide guidance along every step of this often-confusing process.